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BlackBerry Themes: 8530


Blackberry OS 5.0 Series: 8530, 8520, 8350i, 8330

Take a tour to Neverland. And enjoy the pleasant sensation of visiting this pleasant stay in your bl...

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DreamTorch OS6 Emulator

Blackberry OS 5.0 Series: 8530, 8520, 8350i, 8330

This is DreamTorch; the best Blackberry OS6 emulator theme for the Blackberry Curve 85xx series, inc...

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HeartBeat SEVEN Themes

BlackBerry Curver 8520, 8530, 9300 OS 5.0

HeartBeat Themes with popular OS7 icons1st done ever on BlackBerry® themes with unique clock ( 2 col

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Xmas by CindyCF

Blackberry OS 5.0 Series: 8530, 8520, 8350i, 8330

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..I want to give this theme as Christmas gift for you as my thanks...

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GreenLuck - Hidden Today and Dock

Blackberry OS 5: 8520, 8530, 9300

Ever want to make you BlackBerry® look like another device, but keep your BlackBerry features an...

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Pencil Sketch-up Doodle Theme

BlackBerry Curve 8520, ,8530 and 9300 OS 5.0

This theme will give your device a creative and crafty look. This theme give your device a simple an...

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HedoneDesign Asepsis

Blackberry 8520/8530/9300

The visual view is nice on the eyes. A little dark at first, it took some time for user to adjust to...

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HedoneDesign Skeper

Blackberry OS 5 8520/8530/9300

Skeper is for all of You who search amusing, funny, different and in the same time functional. It wi...

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HedoneDesign NOVA

Blackberry OS 5: 8520/8530/9300

Unlike a super-nova, a nova is a star that just gets brighter and brighter. There is something, howe...

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BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8530 and 9300 OS 5.0.0

Give your BlackBerry® a healthy dose of high tech with this theme from Magmic.Featuring a dynami...

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