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BlackBerry is about to enter the battle of its life, and as you'll see in my review of its new flagship phone, the Z10, it's using everything in its arsenal to win. Maybe win is the wrong word; perhaps victory for BlackBerry right now is something more like not losing everything. Because if you've been following this story, you know that everything is what's at stake.

The company is coming back into the game with force, that much is clear. Its new touchscreen smartphone is the serious contender BlackBerry has been claiming it would be, packing in the specs, software prowess, and services to take on even the most entrenched players in the game. This isn't a feint or a half-step, it's a long bomb with all the blood, sweat, and tears behind it you would expect from a company that's lost a significant piece of its value (to say nothing of its market power) over the last handful of years. But there are those entrenched players, and consumers as well as enterprise customers have proved fickle in the face of changing technology. The fans have gone or are going — can the Z10 win them back?

This isn't just about a single phone or a single OS, it's about BlackBerry's fight to stay afloat. Can the new phone along with BlackBerry 10 put the company back in play, or is this too little, too late? Read on for my full review and find out.

Kuri Pets v1.0.1.1

These fluffy creatures are Kuri and now they're your virtual pets! Feed them take care of them and play fun games with them so they grow up to be happ...

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Learning Colors for Kids

Colorful buttons to help your toddler learn colors! Very simple interface makes it easy for your child to play. Blue, red, green, orange, yellow, blac...

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Agu Splash v2.0

Agu is back… It's about time Agu gets back to his home planet! The sequel to Agus Adventure is here. Join Agu on an underwater adventure, where...

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Guess It v1.0.1

This app features unique BlackBerry like no other! Look at the distorted image of a animals and guess the name.enjoy.

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Raining Coins v

Help little Eve catch the gold coins! (From the creators of ‘The Odyssey HD')5/5 Super cute & challenging game!5/5 Difficult at times but I ...

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Frogup v1.5.3.1

Are you ready for a new addicting game? Jump from one platform to another and beat the highscores of your friends! Are you able to unlock al...

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EggStream v1.0.4

Shoot down projectiles falling from the sky in order to protect the nest eggs at all costs! Tap, double tap, and swipe to fire streams of eggs. Tap an...

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Swipe Jump v1.0.11

??Watch your step and swipe with your finger solely in the direction of the following arrow!?? This is the core rule of this addictive gesture ga...

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Garden of Weed

Have you ever dreamed of escaping society and grow your own weed on aremote farm? With Garden of Weed you can live the stoners dream.Design your own l...

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SWAT 2 v1.0.3

The most realistic anti-terrorist FPS game returns on Android!Every day, in every corner of the world, terrorist organizations spread chaos and destru...

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