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Recently there is a new BlackBerry phone named "Bold 9930" on the network. It is a touch screen smartphone and it has a QWERTY keyboard and it looks like the successor of Curve. It runs the OS 7.0 system and uses the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8655 Device. It owns 768MB RAM, 8GB internal memory with a micro SD expansion. Besides, there is a 2.8-inch screen resolution and reaches to VGA(480x360). It supports 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi. What's more, there is a 500 million pixel camera with 720p video recording. Blackberry 9930 suit for Dual-Band CDMA/EVDO Rev A, Dual-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE.

Lazy Cat v1.0.1

Lazy Cat is a logic game. A player should help the Cat to find the way to his box.The problem is that there are obstacles – dogs and pills, they...

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Crazy Duck Hunt v1.3

The birds are taking over everything, use all your aim to shoot and kill them all.

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Combat Ludo v1.0.8

Popular ludo game now comes in a unique combative format!!!Enjoy the game with weapons and aggressively intelligent virtual opponent.Two different gam...

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Bugs Traffic v1.0.6

Interesting, captivating game Bugs Traffic will keep you busy for a long time, all you need is to start playing!So in the game you will find a board w...

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Final Kombat v1.0

Year 20XX, Metrocity has been taken by criminal bands. Mr K and his ciberninjas control the streets and only you are capable of stopping them. You&rsq...

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Stick Runner v1.0

Stick Runner is a fast-paced running game. Your goal is to run as fast & far as possible while collecting all the coins on the way. The more coins...

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Cubic 2D v2.1

Cubic 2D is rubix cube game in 2 Dimension! Create the pattern by dragging the cubes from left to right or top to bottom with just a simple swipe of y...

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Block Traffic v1.1.4

Block Traffic is an exciting puzzle game where you need to get your car out of the parking lot by moving other cars out of its way.An addictive game, ...

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Doodle Art Studio v1.6

Turn your phone into a sketch book. Doodle Paint is a versatile drawing tool for your BlackBerry Smartphone to create impressive images using a wide r...

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Panda Escape v1.0

Whom do Ninjas hate the most? The Pandas.This hatred has attained a new level. The Ninjas are out to kill the Panda and wipe his trace off this planet...

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