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Not content with having the standard bar-style form factor for BlackBerry 9670 smartphones, Research in Motion has since expanded into the touchscreen realm with the Storm and the clamshell world with the Pearl Flip. It seems that a more powerful BlackBerry clamshell is coming and it's called the BlackBerry 9670. Unlike the Pearl Flip, this smartphone does not do the SureType thing. The feature of this mobile phone is avalaible for free download apps, game, theme, ringtone, and wallpaper on internet. Instead, it's decidedly wider and boasts a full QWERTY keyboard. I was never much of a fan of SureType anyway, so this is a major upgrade. You'll also notice that, like other recent Berry releases, the BlackBerry 9670 has an optical trackpad in place of the trackball.

Frontline Defense v1.1.0

Famous tower defense game now ready for BlackBerry®! Build your defense system and defend your post from the waves of enemy attacks Choose the lev...

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Win@Craps v1.1.3

Roll your dice and be a seasoned shooter with Win@Craps. Learn to play or perfect your Craps betting skill with this fully featured Casino style game....

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Ninja Fruit Bash v1.0.1

Ninja Fruit Bash follows the quest of a Ninja as he travels across China slicing tainted and poisoned fruit in order to save humanity. The fruit is po...

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Fightin' Words v1.15.0

Fightin' Words is a killer multi-player word game allowing you to play head to head with other players. The game is in the Scrabble genre and we love ...

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Memory Fun v 1.0.1

Memory Fun challenging and addictive game to train your memory capacity, focus and concentration. Packaged with easy to use interface, multiple l...

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FallDown v1.5.0

This game is a simple but fast-paced and addictive game. Just tilt your device (touch screen devices) or use trackball (non touch screen devices) to c...

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Tank Ace 1944

Do you like to drive tanks over rugged terrain, lob artillery shells into the far hills, and blow up lethal opponents lurking around every bend? If so...

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Pokemon Silver

To all Pokemon Fans out there, this is a great software for you.. Why? Because in just one software, every pokemon games which started in Game Boy Col...

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SuperPuzzlePro v1.0

SuperPuzzle is a fresh and innovative take of the classic sliding tile game.Simple to learn but chanllenging to mast,sliding tile games are a real cha...

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Cut the Cable v1.0.1

Cut the Cable is BlackBerry's equivalent of fantastic Cut the Rope* physics game. A piece of candy is placed somewhere on the screen and attached by c...

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