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BlackBerry 9520 is an upgraded version of BlackBerry Storm 9500, is also known as "Storm 2". Inherite the benefits of BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry 9520 add new WiFi, which is undoubtedly an excellent news for the blackberry fans. This BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 adopts the BlackBerry 5.0 operating system, equipped with 360 × 480 trackpad capacitive screen, built-in 3.2 megapixels high-sensitive camera.

Avalanche Snowboarding v2.0.6

Enjoy the most realistic and trick-filled snowboarding game on mobile! Take on more than 20 challenges to play in 4 different environments including a...

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Pet Elf - Animated Christmas Elephant v1.0.1

MMMOOO Christmas present is coming!! FREE!No Ads!Just enjoy it! A young elephant pretend to be a reindeer, and will run at your phone screen, heralds ...

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Crazy Diving v1.0.1

Look around! What do you see? Blue sky smoothly passing into azure water. People. A lot of people everywhere sitting and waiting for something. They a...

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KingTypist v1.0.0

Someone just scored 91 wpm on a BlackBerry Introducing TypeIt, the latest addition to qbotron.com! The ultimate BlackBerry® app for ultimate Black...

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BBMCaro v1.5

BBM classic game BBMCaro (Blackberry backgammon game) again updated, this updated version number is 1.5, is the most stable version to solve the many ...

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Castle Escape v1.0.1

Mysterious and enigmatic Castle with dark, cold and wet rooms full of cobwebs and nasty creepy-crawlies… This is the setting of a new game Cast...

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Zombie Blitz

Installation of jar file: copy the jar directly to your BlackBerry's media card, click on media, click the menu button to select explore, select the j...

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Pocket Farmer

Pocket Farm is the farming game you have all been waiting for on the iPhone! Unlike other farming games this one doesn't require you to buy additional...

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Riddles v1.1.0

Riddles from XIMAD highlights 100 riddles to entertain you and your child for hours. Try to find the answer on jolly jester's riddles, and if you are ...

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Bemoneyed v1.1.0

Bemoneyed is the awesome Bejeweled games analogue. Your objective is to match the sparkling coins and to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three ...

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