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Platinum Sudoku v2.1.7

Platinum Sudoku is the next step in the evolution of Sudoku—no pens or paper are necessary, and it’s always with you when you’re rea...

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Avalancha v1.2

In Avalancha the goal is to control the snowball as long as you can. You start the game when the ball is small but as you continue the ball starts to ...

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Collect points by swapping animals to match three or more in a row or column. Create cascades for extra points and see how far up the high score table...

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Phase 10 v2.0.4

If you like rummy then you’ll love Phase 10! The object of the game is to race your opponents and complete your ten phases first. You have to ma...

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Catan - The First Island v1.1.9

There is hardly a board game award that the Catan game, created by Klaus Teuber, has not won. This classic has a global fan community and has been tra...

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Carcassonne v1.1

The award-winning tile-based board game by Klaus-Juergen Wrede is now available for your mobile phone! Just a few years after its release, Carcassonne...

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Hangman Challenge v1.0.1

ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? The ultimate Hangman challenge has arrived. The most popular and addictive words game, Hangman, will now take you to the ...

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Lagunex Domino v1.0.2

Thanks to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) now you can play dominoes with all your friends. Invite a partner, two opponents and start. You can check anytime...

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Xploding Boxes v3.4.0.1

Xploding Boxes is a strategy game where the intent is to start a chain reaction that will explode all of the boxes on the screen. Each level gives you...

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Best Dots Free v1.0.4

Best Dots is an old and fun game, generally played by two people on a sheet of squared paper. The player takes turns with the computer drawing a line ...

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