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QR Code v2.0.3

QR Code is an application that can scan/read and generate/write website URL’s, plain text, phone number, email address, contact, calendar, task ...

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mReminder – add reminders from any app v1.0.2

mReminder – easy to add note on any event.* add reminders from any app in the blackberry* one click – one reminder* extract text for remin...

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Silent-Camera v2.0

Silent Camera: Want to get rid of annoying camera sound and take picture silently then you are at right place. Silent Camera allows you to take pictur

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Insert Contact Pro v2.0

Why pay for MMS or add attachments when you can share contact information exactly the way you want. This app lets you insert only the relevant informa...

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Lock Apps v3.6

Ever wished that your BlackBerry® was accessible only by you? Now Password protect your specific apps on the device absolutely FREE with full func...

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AppsLock-Pro v2.4

Ever wished that your BlackBerry® was accessible only by you? AppsLock provides that Ultimate Protection by Restricting unauthorized access to you...

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SayIt v1.4.1

Want a Personal Assistant on your BlackBerry? Just say it with Say It! SayIt is a Voice Recognition and Assistant software, so you can: 1. Ask anythin...

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Action Pad v1.5.5

ActionPad is a replacement application for the original MemoPad. It provides quick access to memos for boosting your productivity and memo encryption ...

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Greeting Cards Maker v2.3

Have you ever wanted to send original, customized digital greeting cards to make someone feel special. Well, now you can! With Greeting Cards Maker, y...

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EveryLock v1.8.7.4

The best solution for locking various things. EveryLock locks your applications, keyboard/screen, emails, folders, files, SMS and MMS. 1.THERE IS NO I...

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