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Untappd v1.0.2

Untappd is a social discovery and check-in network for anyone that enjoys beer. It gives you the ability to easily find nearby craft beers and bars, s...

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Fancy Text v1.1

Get Fancy Text on your phone and flaunt your stylish texting habit and feed your zeal to impress people!!! Fancy Text Fancy Text work with Facebook, T...

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Clone Camera v1.5

Clone Studio : For the first time in BlackBerry®, now you can clone yourself. Take your multiple pictures and and create a perfect clone of yourse...

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Camera for Facebook Free v2.0.6.2

Finally, this app is available on BlackBerry®! You can now take a photo and upload it to your Facebook account with just one click. Features: - Co...

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EveryLock v1.8.7.4

The best solution for locking various things. EveryLock locks your applications, keyboard/screen, emails, folders, files, SMS and MMS. 1.THERE IS NO I...

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Extreme v1.0

The EXTREME Sports App connects the Extreme Sports community through unique video, picture and geo tagging facilities. With EXTREME Ambassador and com...

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Color Splasher v1.0.1

Color Splasher is a fun, easy to use BlackBerry® app that allows you to convert an image to black and white and then add color back to a selected ...

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UberSocial v1.406 for Twitter and Facebook

UberSocial: With so many easy-to-use features, it’ll make you feel like an octopus with 8 swiss army knives. “A must have for any Twitter ...

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PicShop Lite v2.0.4

Beautiful design combined with tons of editing options and dozen's of filters make this the premier mobile editing suite on the market. You will absol...

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Photo Siege v1.0.1

Photo Siege enables your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ to view and download facebook photos. It allows downloading tagged photos and photo albums fr...

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