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Berries, please call it Bold. It means black and brave. As in the status of the Blackberry family, it is so distinctive a flagship model, like a brave hero, facing the challenge of Windows, iPhone, Symbian, and even the Palm. The same as its phone body, the box of Blackberry Bold is also dressed in black, this is different from its style of previous packaging. It is obviously a different Blackberry.

Super Memo v2.0.1

You can't read a file with a strange extension? Not a problem, import it in the regular MemoPad with SuperMemo! You keep receiving purchase reports in...

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MoneyMind v3.0

Have you thought lately about what happen with your money? What are you spending it for? How much are you able to save every month? Which one of your ...

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Lunar Calendar 2013-2014 v1.0

The Lunar Calendar according to acclaimed writers Johanna Paungger-Poppe and Thomas Poppe is a practical day-to-day guide through the year. Today, we ...

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Jingu Avatars v1.4.5

Create a fun BBM profile picture with Jingu Avatars! Choose from hundreds of different items to make the avatar look just like you. You can change you...

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LINE v1.4.17

LINE - A new communications messenger used in over 230 countries worldwide! With LINE you can enjoy exchanging free messages with all your friends. Tr...

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PhotoConnect Ultimate Edition v4.1

Fastest, and the MOST features photo editing app!! (No monthly fee. Just one time purchase!) Key Features:: ========= 1. Fish Eye 2. Crab Hole 3. Red ...

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Video ScreenShots v1.2

A new easy way to shoot a still picture of a moving object Choose video and Video ScreenShots! With video ScreenShots, grab still images from recorded...

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iTunes Sync v1.0.2

Keeping your BlackBerry® up-to-date with your iTunes library is always a chore. One time you forget to copy a song, the other time you have two co...

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UberSocial v1.414 for Twitter and Facebook

UberSocial: With so many easy-to-use features, it’ll make you feel like an octopus with 8 swiss army knives. UberSocial for Twitter and Facebook...

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XMS v2.6

XMS. Unlimited messaging. Better. Free. • Free, real-time messaging for smartphones • Message any way you want – with text, pictures, ...

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