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BlackBerry 9670 Applications

Not content with having the standard bar-style form factor for BlackBerry 9670 smartphones, Research in Motion has since expanded into the touchscreen realm with the Storm and the clamshell world with the Pearl Flip. It seems that a more powerful BlackBerry clamshell is coming and it's called the BlackBerry 9670. Unlike the Pearl Flip, this smartphone does not do the SureType thing. The feature of this mobile phone is avalaible for free download apps, game, theme, ringtone, and wallpaper on internet. Instead, it's decidedly wider and boasts a full QWERTY keyboard. I was never much of a fan of SureType anyway, so this is a major upgrade. You'll also notice that, like other recent Berry releases, the BlackBerry 9670 has an optical trackpad in place of the trackball.

Schedule Send v1.1

Great app for sending messages to friends/colleagues in different timezones or scheduling important birthday/anniversary messages. Compare our functio...

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RemindMe v1.9.39

Do not forget a special event again! Do not let other people forget special events too! No matter whether a birthday, an anniversary or just a party, ...

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QuickCopy v1.0.1

QuickCopy is an Advanced Copy/Paste utility as well as PIM applications launcher designed to make Copy/Paste easier with just few simple clicks AND wi...

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PowerBOSS v1.0

PowerBOSS enables you to override the default 5% radio shutdown to get out those last few messages or even a short call– even when your BlackBer...

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NetworkAcc v2.6

NetworkAcc is a powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for BlackBerry® users. It accelerates all your mobile-network based activit...

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Menu Battery v1.0.1

Always take the battery info with you! No matter if you chat, browse or work with your phone, always keep a track of your battery status. Just click t...

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Cholesterol Tracker v1.0

The best way to track your cholesterol with essential details. Includes statistical comparison of cholesterol details and three date tracking options....

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LaterDude Pro v3.0.2

LaterDude Pro is an App that allows you to set reminders from the Call Log, Messages, Text Messages and from the Contacts List! The efficiency of this...

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e-mobile Today Pro v5.5

Next generation all-in-one PIM management! contacts, tasks, appointment, calls, email, sms . Add more with news, stocks, weather add-ons. Revolutioniz...

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Contacts Cleaner v2.6.0

Contacts Cleaner finds and merges duplicate contacts in your address book. Contacts Cleaner is an easy way to fix a large address book bloated with ma...

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