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BlackBerry 9670 Applications

Not content with having the standard bar-style form factor for BlackBerry 9670 smartphones, Research in Motion has since expanded into the touchscreen realm with the Storm and the clamshell world with the Pearl Flip. It seems that a more powerful BlackBerry clamshell is coming and it's called the BlackBerry 9670. Unlike the Pearl Flip, this smartphone does not do the SureType thing. The feature of this mobile phone is avalaible for free download apps, game, theme, ringtone, and wallpaper on internet. Instead, it's decidedly wider and boasts a full QWERTY keyboard. I was never much of a fan of SureType anyway, so this is a major upgrade. You'll also notice that, like other recent Berry releases, the BlackBerry 9670 has an optical trackpad in place of the trackball.

Tawkon v1.0.1

tawkon is a mobile phone application that gives users information & tools to avoid mobile phone radiation , with minimal disruption to normal phon...

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Black Contacts

BlackContacts is an application designed to help with contact and phone number management. It's about making your life easier. Features: 1) Add to exi...

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Ringtone Composer - Free v1.150.0

Whether you’re a head-banger, or a lover of Mozart, JaredCo’s Ringtone Composer simplifies the customization of your smart phone ring tone...

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Auto Responder v1.4.0

Antair Auto-Responder for BlackBerry. Automatic Custom Responses to Incoming E-Mail. Let them know you're in a meeting without picking up your BlackBe...

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Cute n Funny Pets v2.8.9

This adorable slideshow will put a smile on your face! Enjoy hilarious pics of your favorite pet pals - over 100 images monthly! Updated weekly, so th...

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Car And Driver v2.8.9

Car and Driver brings you the ultimate automotive slideshow experience - every type of car, from sports to concept to luxury. Over 100 hot new images ...

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In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) v1.91

When you can’t give rescue personnel your vital, medical information, JaredCo’s I.C.E. kicks in with everything paramedics need. This simp...

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Star Home Inventory v1.0

Manage your inventories efficiently and effortlessly. A comprehensive Inventory Management tool for Blackberry with search options and friendly user i...

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Snippets v1.3.0

Antair Snippets allows you to create shortcuts for frequently typed email messages, common responses, signatures, or any other text that you don't wan...

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Signal Booster v 2.0.1

SignalBooster for BlackBerry® allows you to enhance your radio signal with just one click. A "Signal Boost" will even work when you just...

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