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BlackBerry 95xx Applications

As a New Era products, 95XX BlackBerry Storm Series abandons the original QWERTY traditional keyboard input mode, adopts the SurePress touch screen technology which is developed by RIM and aim at the market rivals of iPhone and Gphone. With the large 3.2 inches touch screen and resolution is up to 480x360 pixels display, Blackberry 9500 have a high resolution display. At the back of BlackBerry 9500, a 320 million pixel CMOS sensor makes a very good shootiong.

Task Manager and Process Viewer 3.1

The Paid Version also has a separate tab of Processes, where you can view the list of hidden apps and processes running in the background which are ot...

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Great Paintings v2.0

Make total use of that color device you own with Great Paintings, a simple yet addictive puzzle game! Rebuild the shuffled image by sliding the tiles....

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Call You Later with Auto Send SMS v1.0

Call You Later allows you to ignore any unwanted incoming calls (included Private or Unknown call) perfectly and send SMS to caller. With Call You Lat...

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Menstrual Calendar v1.0.0

Use your BlackBerry® to keep track of your period. Features: Benefits: Keep your diary. Anywhere. Anytime. Mobile. Sort: Entries are showed to you...

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Photo Distortions v2.0

This is the Demo Version of Your Favorite 'Photo Distortions' App! Image Distortion Ultimate allows you to make distorted and funny images! You can ap...

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Slide Lock Pro v1.5

Lock and unlock your BlackBerry® with style. Easy. Smooth. Elegant. Eliminates the cases of accidental screen or key presses! No more unwanted pho...

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Anti Crime v1.0

Turn your BlackBerry® into an Anti-Crime device now! Anti-Crime is a security and siren application that helps you to produce the loudest siren so...

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Private Album – Lock Your Private Pictures v1.0.0

A perfect tool to lock your media pictures! This application help you to create a private album to lock your private picture, you can save any picture...

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Lock Media v1.1

Media Lock for BlackBerry® is a privacy app for your Pictures, Videos, Music, Voice Notes etc. You can protect them from your family members, coll...

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SMS Block v1.0

SMS Block is an application that helps you to block unwanted text. It allows you to block all incoming text with SMS format.

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