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BlackBerry 9500 Applications

BlackBerry 9500 also known as Storm. It is a unique touch screen smartphone which is the first use of SurePress by RIM. So this will bring the berries a whole new experience. OS4.7x operating system on-board, and its main configuration and design, all embodies excellent. Business functions and email functons can be the strength of this models. Of course, it also has quite deadly shortcomings. That is, there is no wifi supporting, large size, wide screen cracks and so it is easy for dust to enter.

Network ON-OFF v1.0.1

Switching mobile network from on to off and off to ON, And Wifi Network too.

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Secret Message – Hidden SMS Messenger v1.0

Secret Message is a reliable and useful application that secure and protects communication through Text Messages(SMS) with your business counterpart o...

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Trillian Chat

Trillian for BlackBerry® helps you organize and stay in touch with your IM and social friends while on-the-go. Receive notifications, send picture...

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Watch Free Movies - Movietube v1.1

Watch free movies online!Search and browse millions of movies in this app.Disclaimer: The videos provided in this app are hosted by YouTube and is ava...

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monitorBee 80Cam v1.2.2

monitorBee app offers secure and innovative mobile surveillance alive on your smartphone.Cam80 version – supports up to 80 camerasCompatible wit...

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Super Email Premium v1.3

This App is a collection of Email plugins to enhance your emailing experience.No more downloading of n number of different applications when you get a...

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25 Nabi dan Rosul v1.0

Prophets and Messengers are human beings working options to guide the people in the oneness of Allah SWT and build them to carry out His commands.&nbs...

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Calculators Combo v2.2

Calculators Combo - Standard Calculator - Scientific Calculator - Tip Calculator About:*) 3 in 1 Calculators are an Ideal Replacement o...

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NavLight Flashlight-Compass v4.1.6

Find your way in darkness and daylight …Includes a compass, speedometer, flashlight, and emergency strobe, red/white flasher, and SOS.* Compass...

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Slider Lock with Profile Switcher v1.4

Smart Slider Lock helps you prevent unwanted key-presses, phone-calls and much more!Smart Slider Lock automatically locks your keyboard and shows you ...

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