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BlackBerry 8910 Applications

ChatON v1.8

ChatON is a global mobile communication service that enables you to have better relationships with your buddies and groups of buddies. ChatON brings t...

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UberSocial v1.406 for Twitter and Facebook

UberSocial: With so many easy-to-use features, it’ll make you feel like an octopus with 8 swiss army knives. “A must have for any Twitter ...

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Hide Files v1.3

***Hide Media app for BlackBerry®*** Hide the Pictures/Videos that you don't want anyone to see. Hide Media enables you to hide all your important...

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SimSimi v1.0.0

SimSimi is a lovely intelligent chat robot, he and interesting dialogue! The software is very simple to use, you simply click on the screen to start a...

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KMS v9.4.12

You make calls, send SMSs, browse the web and communicate via social networks every day. Your smartphone is your life. Kaspersky Mobile Security keeps...

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Camera v2.0.3 for Twitter v2.0.3

Finally, this app is available on BlackBerry® ! You can now take a photo and upload it to your Twitter account with just one click. There is an ad...

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foursquare v5.5

Foursquare launched a new version v5.5.0. Features include a new version: Share and record the places you visit. Search for the best places ...

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Battery Watch - Power Consumption Monitor

Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry® device's battery state. Features: Tracks battery status over time - Line chart visualization of battery s...

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BlackBerry Bridge v2.1.026

Pair your BlackBerry® smartphone with a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to get even more features! BlackBerry® Bridge™ allows you...

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SmartAlarms Pro v2.2

BBSmart Alarms Pro is the most visually stunning, fully-featured, and powerful multi-alarm application available for the BlackBerry today. Set alarms ...

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