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BlackBerry 8900 Applications

Photo Distortions v2.0

This is the Demo Version of Your Favorite 'Photo Distortions' App! Image Distortion Ultimate allows you to make distorted and funny images! You can ap...

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Anti Crime v1.0

Turn your BlackBerry® into an Anti-Crime device now! Anti-Crime is a security and siren application that helps you to produce the loudest siren so...

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image editor v2.0.0

Cool image editing application for the BlackBerry®. Not only can you resize, crop, colorize, add other pictures but it does way more than a...

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Multi User Lock - UAM v1.0

*** Crate Guest Accounts like Windows for your Mobile *** Keep your mobile media private and secure by crating Guest, User and Admin user accounts. Li...

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Lock Media v1.1

Media Lock for BlackBerry® is a privacy app for your Pictures, Videos, Music, Voice Notes etc. You can protect them from your family members, coll...

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SMS Block v1.0

SMS Block is an application that helps you to block unwanted text. It allows you to block all incoming text with SMS format.

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KakaoTalk Messenger v2.5.2

FREE messaging on all smartphone platforms. * Send FREE texts, voice messages and photos. Anywhere, anytime. * Supporting BlackBerry® Curve, Bold ...

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JAWW v2.0

JAWW-K is MOOD-k Jaww makes it very simple to create your own cloud full of your music. All what you need in Music World is available now in one app...

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Empower Threaded SMS v3.3

View your SMS chats in threaded conversation with IM style reply. Group conversation by contact instead of a simple list. Express better with real gra...

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Battery alert v1.0

Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry® device's battery status. Display actual battery percentage on top of the Home Screen Notification bar. An...

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