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BlackBerry 8900 Applications

Merge Contacts v3.0

Merge Contacts: Cleaning and Merging duplicate contacts is now made easy.Synchronizing contacts with different Email ID and finding duplicated contact...

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Multiclipboard v1.1.36

Enhances your clipboard to support multiple entries and a history of copied items: to copy text use your standard copy menu as normal paste via the ne...

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Task Master v2.0.1.2

Meetings, deadlines, homework, social obligations, life is busy! Task Master is your personal secretary on your BlackBerry® Smartphone! Schedule y...

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Color ID v2.4.2

Color ID lets you assign custom LED color combinations by contact when you receive BBMs, texts, emails and calls. With over 100 possible color combina...

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Dr Massage v1.0

Dr Massage is a healthy application which designed to help you massage by using your BlackBerry. With Dr Massage, your BlackBerry® will become Mas...

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Account Book v1.2

Account Book is a simple but useful accounting app. you can manage individual finance easily. You can also check your daily or monthly income-expense ...

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Viber v2.4.102

Make free calls and send free messages to any Viber user on any platform. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. More than 175 million Vibe...

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Profile Changer v1.0.6

We all know how embarrassing it is when our BlackBerry® Smartphone rings or make noises during important Meetings, Social Events, Church, D...

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Contacts with Dropbox v2.3.11

Contacts with Dropbox is a simple application with it you can export /import Blackberry contacts to/from PC as vCard or CSV file. It's becoming so eas...

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Auto Lock - Auto Screen and Keyboard Lock v1.0

Get Auto Lock and eliminate the cases of accidental screen or key presses! Designed especially for OS 5.0, OS 6.0 and up! No more cases of unwanted ph...

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