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BlackBerry 8900 Applications

Panorama v1.0

Make a panorama of the captured photos and share it with your friends. Just take a few shots of your desired panorama and let the merger technology ta...

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BugMe! - Notes and Alarms v1.1.1.1

BugMe! is the ultimate note app for your BlackBerry® smartphone! As quick and simple as sticky notes when you just need to make a quick reminder/s...

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Yamgo TV v1.2.2

Yamgo TV - Watch news, sports, movies, music, Bollywood & entertainment.Watch free live TV on your BlackBerry device.** OS Version 6.* and 7.* dev...

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KakaoTalk Messenger v2.5.6

FREE messaging on all smartphone platforms  KakaoTalk Messenger for BlackBerry* Send FREE texts, voice messages and photos. Anywhere, anytime. * ...

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Roco Resize v1.1.4

Roco Resize, blackberry free photo editing software, it can freely modify the size of the picture and add some lighting effects.

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Screen Shot v1.0

Screen shot – Capture your BlackBerry Screen with one touch click. A Menu item named “Take Screen shot” in all Screens to take the S...

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Message Timer Beta v1.0

Message Timer Beta version. Application timed email, SMS and PIN messages for BBOS devices. Enjoy this prohp share.. ^^v

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Icon Manager v1.0.1

Feel bored with your application icon? Feel like want to change your favorite icon for all of your applications? Icon Manager provides you an easy way...

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Auto Reboot v1.6

Automatically reboot your phone instantly or schedule Auto Reboot for a fixed time every day without the need of a battery pull! Come on, download thi...

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Zona3G - Switch Network Mode v1.1.4

Many of the recommendations to follow for save battery are: lower the brightness of light, close applications running in the background, turn off blue...

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