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BlackBerry 8707v Applications

Blackberry Messenger BBM 5.0

Blackberry Messenger 5.0 aka BBM 5.0 is available to download for free on most new BlackBerrys from OS 4.5 through OS 5.1, includes BB Storm, Tour, Bo...

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Amaze GPS

Amaze GPS companion is maybe your best travel buddy on the road, it contains freeware GPS navigation, mapping, yellow pages and local search service, ...

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Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary

An outstanding Italian- English- Italian dictionary developed by one of Italy's foremost publishers- Paravia and Oxford University Press. This diction...

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Camera Mute App

I know there has been a lot of discussion going around about shutting off the shutter sound on mobile devices with built-in cameras. Some devices have...

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Talking MP3 Ringtones

I have put together a package of what I call taking ring tones, Should this be in the ring tones section maybe, however the ring tones are like having...

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Nixie Clock V1.5

Enjoy the elegance and beauty of a Nixie Tube Clock on your BlackBerry. Rich graphical rendering with glass tubes containing a wire-mesh anode and mul...

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Concise Oxford English Dictionary And Thesaurus

2 in 1: the Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Concise Oxford Thesaurus This value software pack consists of the most popular dictionary worldwide ...

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LiveTracker beta 5 0.3.0

The LiveTracker mobile client can be installed on any BlackBerry® mobile phone and sends out location data to our Skylab GPS server. Free: No regi...

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Yahoo! Go

Get access to work, home and your personal life, with the best ofYahoo!, designed to work on your BlackBerry. Stay connected with Yahoo!Mail and Yahoo...

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Ultimate Converter Calculator 1.0

A very powerful converter and calculator between various imperial and european units with 4 decimals precision!Advanced Unit Converter Calculator for ...

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