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BlackBerry 8707v Applications

ToySOft Profiler 1.5

Automate profile switching with Toysoft Profiler. Schedule profile switching during the day. Integrates with system Profile application. Note: Profile...

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BerryAddon - Blackberry handy tools (upgrades to 0.90,ota link added!) Hi, everybody, I'm proud to announce BerryAddon 0.90 with many bug fixes and im...

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BilbyFile 1.5 FULL

View BB memory / memory card files / folders Copy / move / delete / rename the files Create / rename / delete the folders ...

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Pintas v1.0

In the world of 21st century, where we are challenged to be as mobile as possible, the presence of information is an essential part of our daily life....

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Start Me Up

Automatically start up applications after a reboot.Start Me Up launches on system start up then launches the apps you have selected and then closes. T...

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Flag Your Messages

The easiest way to keep track of important emails or PINs. When you are on the go and have important emails or PINs that you need to deal with later y...

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Phone Tweak v1.26

BerryTweak lets you tweak your BlackBerry how you want it. Including automatically locking the screen and keyboard during calls. BerryTweak is fully c...

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Swoosh Photos v1.10

Swoosh through your favourite snapshots with SwooshPhotos. SwooshPhotos searches your device for all your images so you do not have to. You can create...

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Chrono Magic

ChronoMagic the mobile stopwatch supports you in organizing your day-to-day routines. ChronoMagic comprehends exact time registration and a countdown ...

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Mail2Fax Version 2.2

Send mails and attachments (like documents, sheets, presentations, PDF, graphics,...) to a fax gateway for document printing.Document printing was nev...

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