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BlackBerry 8707v Applications

BlackBerry Protect v1.1.1.76

BlackBerry® Protect is a free application designed to keep your information secure if your BlackBerry® smartphone goes missing. If you’r...

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Healthy Living 1.0

Healthy Living application is the most comprehensive guide on healthy living, developed exclusively for BlackBerry® . The content is supplied by N...

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berrybuzz v5.0.84

Take control of your BlackBerry® front notification LED! Green for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your girlfriend, blue for text mess...

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TimelySnippet v1.5

In our daily BlackBerry® usage, there are several occasions when we need to use a text repeatedly. For instance, in our emails, we usually use a w...

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104-5 The Zone v2.4

**IMPORTANT** Once installed, select 'YES' to grant Trusted status to the App. This will permit internet radio streaming (No personal information is a...

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CIA World Factbook 2012 v2.4.5

Based on the latest 2012 data for more than 270 countries and territories by the Central Intelligence Agency! This is the best source for country info...

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SmartPhoneMate v24.0.1

SmartPhoneMate Mobile Research - We are a research firm studying how people use smartphones. We will pay you to share with us how you use your phone -...

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BeBuzz Free - LED Light Colors v5.0.67

Take control of your BlackBerry front notification LED! Green for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your girlfriend, blue for text messages ...

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ScoreMobile FC v1.9.2

ScoreMobile FC - Your ultimate home for EURO 2012! ScoreMobile FC is your dedicated mobile soccer app, providing comprehensive coverage of over 100 fo...

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Zlango Messaging v2.10.57

Zlango Icon Messaging - Zlango brings the fun back to text messaging with cool, emotion rich, expressive icons and images. An easy-to-use FREE icon me...

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