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BlackBerry 8530 Applications

SPB TV v2.2.0.2271

SPB TV offers quick and easy access to 150+ live channels from 20+ countries as well as Video-on-Demand services. Superior features like instant chann...

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Xlator is a translation application for your BlackBerry smartphone. This is an easy to use application to meet your translation purpose. Application s...

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Feeling naughty? The PleasureBerry transforms your BlackBerry into a sexy massager. What could be more convenient than turning your cell phone into a ...

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Unsend Email

Oops! Accidentally forwarded an inappropriate email to your boss? Or maybe you forgot to add a recipient or include an attachment to an email. Ever re...

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A university level graphing calculator that works right on your mobile. The FREE university level calculator, gCalc, eliminates the need to purchase (...

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MiniNotes v1.1.1

MiniNotes is a fun and cool replacement for the native MemoPad application. Storm & Torch version of MiniNotes can be downloaded from our web site...

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VT Sound Spy v1.0

VT Sound Spy monitors surrounding sound activity, and acts by making a call or sending SMS to specified phone number. Virtually turns your phone into ...

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Creative SMS, EMAIL, IM and PIN messages Art. Share to World by: Copy to Clipboard (and use any other app in BlackBerry) SMS MMS E-mail PIN message

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RenameIcon v1.0.2

Make your app icons sparking, easy to recognise, fancy/honey customized, or with own language. FREE trial in a limited time! And free to own it as pre...

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One Touch Translate v1.3.0

The world has become a smaller place, and we receive and send emails in other languages. Getting the right translation, and getting it done quickly an...

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