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BlackBerry 8530 Applications

ThinkOfMe v1.3.4

ThinkOfMe - A beautiful reminder app for all sorts of occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, wedding day, name days and so on. From the reviews: "B...

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BlackBerry Wallet

BlackBerry® Wallet for your BlackBerry® smartphone speeds up the mobile checkout and purchasing process1,2. Enter and safely store your inform...

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WordPress v1.4.6

It’s been a few months since WordPress last updated their application for BlackBerry smartphones. Recently they announced that beta version 1.4....

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ProfilerX - Automate Sound profile switching v1.0

ProfilerX is an application that lets you automate system sound profile switching during the day. You can schedule profiles each day to change from on...

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Daily Panchangam v1.0

Vedic Drika Siddha High Precision Nirayana Panchangam data calculated by, Pundit Mahesh Shastriji. (mypanchang) App by Rudhratek Minimum requirements:...

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SaleSpider Mobile v1.0

Imagine... a trading floor where deals, connections, jobs and opportunities are executed and established instantly. Introducing, SaleSpider? new mobil...

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Flashlight Pro v1.0.57

Turn your BlackBerry® smartphone into the ultimate light source for convenience, safety and entertainment with Flashlight Pro. No other flashlight...

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Display Test v1.0.0

Test your device screen for dead pixels with Display Test Dead pixels are a defect in the LCD screen. They show up as black or in a different color no...

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Message Scheduler v5.0

Must have app for BlackBerry® to schedule your daily task!! The Message Scheduler and Forwarder is a powerful tool to schedule Phone Call, Email, ...

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Lock BlackBerry Messenger v1.3

Password protect access to BlackBerry Messenger without locking the entire device! Lock for BlackBerry Messenger app allows you to prevent unauthorize...

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