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BlackBerry 8320 Applications

Jingu Text Premium v1.0.2

This is the premium version of Jingu Text. You get access to all 16 text styles in this version. "?α?? ?συ? ????αg?? ??...

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Easy Animation v1.0

Have you ever wanted to create animations on your phone ? Maybe you want to create an animation out of photos you took and upload to a social networki...

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Adidas MiCoach v1.0.33

Put your coach in the palm of your hand. GPS and real time audible coaching keep you going past your personal best. Choose a training plan customized ...

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iLink Pro v13.1215

UC Mobile for BlackBerry® provides presence, notification, dialer, and IM LanTalk features to BlackBerry® users connected to Esna s Telephony ...

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Battery Booster Pro v1.2.0

Battery Booster Pro is all in one app that not only saves battery but also optimize the battery usage on your BlackBerry ® for better performance....

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Birthday Book v1.1.4

Something I created for myself but may prove to be useful enough for all of you :) We use Address Book to store and view all useful information about ...

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Copy goo.gl Link v1.1

The page that you have shortened the useful links Google: Goo.gl This page helps us shorten the Link lengthy, difficult to type directly on your compu...

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Memory Indicator v1.0

Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry® device's memory status. Display actual memory percentage on top of the Home Screen Notification bar. An m...

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TheBirthdayApp v3.9.1

Stop losing friends because you forgot to call them on their birthday As you might have guessed, TheBirthdayApp helps remind you of the birthdays of y...

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TXTLater v3.0.1

TXTLater schedules SMS, Email, Calls, Facebook Posts (to your & your friend's wall) & tweets to be sent /invoked later at a future date direct...

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