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BlackBerry 8300 Applications

BlackBerry 8300 has all the popular functions while the price is close to the public. It features the popular full QWERTY keyboard, supports expanded cards, 2.0-MP Camera, BlackBerry Series smartphones operating system, excellent call quality, 3.5mm headphones jack,etc. All these perfect functionality have been embodied in 8300.

CopyAll v1.9

Sometimes you need to copy your message or task and paste them in another massage or other applications. But it's quite annoying to select and scroll ...

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Safe Text - If you must walk and text v1.0

Safe Text is a unique application for the BlackBerry(R) OS7 and higher that will hopefully keep you safe and keep you from running into people, cars, ...

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What's Running in My Phone v1.5.1

See what's running invisibly on your phone. Icon shows number of apps running, click for detailed list. Start background components of failed or newly...

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Learn French v1.5.4

LearnFrench has 107 self-contained audio lessons to pick from! Choose the lessons that suit your level and interests to build on your knowledge of Fre...

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Photo Distortions v2.0

This is the Demo Version of Your Favorite 'Photo Distortions' App! Image Distortion Ultimate allows you to make distorted and funny images! You can ap...

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Anti Crime v1.0

Turn your BlackBerry® into an Anti-Crime device now! Anti-Crime is a security and siren application that helps you to produce the loudest siren so...

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image editor v2.0.0

Cool image editing application for the BlackBerry®. Not only can you resize, crop, colorize, add other pictures but it does way more than a...

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JAWW v2.0

JAWW-K is MOOD-k Jaww makes it very simple to create your own cloud full of your music. All what you need in Music World is available now in one app...

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Battery alert v1.0

Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry® device's battery status. Display actual battery percentage on top of the Home Screen Notification bar. An...

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Charger Alarm v3.0

Anti theft alarm! Sound Alarm When Charger is Unplugged! Don't worry about having to leave your phone charging unattended! Charger alarm will sound an...

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